Stark Community Foundation is teaming up with Strengthening Stark on Friday, October 25 to host THINKBIG: a day of community conversations. The inaugural, county-wide event aims to bring residents together to find real solutions to real problems while celebrating the good in our community. 

An ideal THINKBIG conversation is a small group of 6-10 people discussing one of the following issues impacting your community:

We’re partnering with local organizations, businesses, community leaders and residents to host and facilitate THINKBIG conversations. Conversations can take place at a library, local restaurant, coffee shop, office break room or even at your own kitchen table.

With the sobering reality of the key findings in the Strengthening Stark Report, our goal is to stop the decline of our population; attract, retain and grow local businesses; provide our working residents reasons to stay local; and increase educational opportunities for all.

By bringing residents together to have open, thoughtful discussions about what makes our community special and share ideas of how we can meet societal needs, we can strengthen and improve Stark County together. We want to hear from our community—people from all walks of life especially neighbors who have been through hardships; have had family members and friends experience the fight with mental illness, substance abuse, hunger and homelessness. We believe real life experience will lead to real solutions.

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